Version: 1.22

You wake up on the floor of a study next to a dead body.  All the evidence points to you.   Can you figure out why you did it?  Or better yet, figure out if someone else did before the police arrive?

You can run away, or maybe solve the mystery (while staying out of the clutches of the law until you're ready)!   Your handy notebook will be your best friend, but you might need to pick up a few other tools of the trade while you're at it.

Some clues will be easy to find, some of them less so, but the game is aimed at casual play, so it's not too cryptic.  Never fear, dungeoneer, if you're lost, and need a hand, there's a context-sensitive HELP system that can hint  what to do next!  If you can't save yourself without help, of course ;-) 

The game was hand-crafted in the very excellent Adventuron text adventure creation system, and features over 100 unique locations most with retro-style images, many different types of area, roaming creatures, semi-random events, intricate action tracking, weather and many more.  Above all, everything you do has an effect on the outcome. So stay on your toes and  remember: Stay out of the dark.



Release Notes:

1.0: initial release

1.1: Added more scene images.  Fixed typos.

1.2: reduced room count in the castle, reduced unnecesary objects, added more text when scenery is examined. Moved some evidence to be more in the player's normal path of exploration, and added some more hints.  Trimmed a little text.

1.21: Added WEAR/REMOVE and SHOW EVIDENCE to the HELP text.

1.22: Added more text to the bartender.

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